Civil specialization

Most of the legal relationships that we face in everyday life are governed by civil law.

“Solution” Law Office provides legal services in all areas of civil regulation.

Here are the basic services in the sphere of civil specialization:

Support for real estate transactions:
• Working out of mechanisms for the acquisition or sale of real estate, guaranteeing protection of the client’s interests, including those with a complex system of calculations;
• Drawing up of a set of documents regulating the lease;
• Supporting
of activities in the field of capital construction.

Intellectual property:
• License agreements and contracts on cession of rights for intellectual property;
• Copyright contracts;
• Drawing up and analysis of commercial concession (franchise) agreements;
• Protecting of the interests of copyright holders from illegal use of trademarks and service marks for the goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as distribution of counterfeit products in Russia.

Family law:
• Division of property in the court and out-of-court order;
• Determination of the order of communication with children;
• Alimentary obligations;
• Marriage agreements.

Inheritance law:
• Inheritance by law;
• Inheritance by testament;
• Management of mass of the succession;
• Acknowledgement of inheritance rights in court.

Housing law:
• Eviction from the living accommodation of the former member of the apartment owner’s family;
• Acknowledgement of the lost right of residence in connection with the actual abandonment of the social tenancy agreement;
• Replanning and change of function of living accommodation;
• Saving premises in the reconstructed state in court.

Labor law:
• Supporting of activities of the employer;
• Drawing up of labor contracts and local regulations;
• Legal audit of labor relations, evaluation of personnel records management, existing or potential risks, recommendations for elimination of the identified violations;
• Supporting of the process of dismissal of staff;
• Settlement of relations with trade unions, collective bargaining;
• Introduction of the commercial secret regime;
• Drawing up and implementation of regulations and procedures regarding the protection of employees’ personal data;
• Registration of employers’ rights to the intellectual property, created by employees under their duty assignments, registration of relations of the parties on creation of intellectual property.
• Judicial and extra-judicial settlement of labor disputes:
- disputes for reinstatement (representation of employees and employers);
- disputes on payment of wages;
- recovery of damages, caused by the actions of employees;
- representation during the inspections of the State Labor Inspectorate.

Consumer rights
• Representing of the interests of consumers in cases of violation of the quality requirements for goods and services;
• Representing of the interests of producers, sellers, executors in cases of violation of consumer rights; counteraction to the "consumer racket".

• Representation of interests in arbitration courts of all levels and all regions of the Russian Federation, including the use of video-conferencing;
• Representation of interests in courts of general jurisdiction of all levels;
• Dispute resolution in the pre-trial stage, representation of the parties during negotiations and the drawing up of the conditions of settlement;
• Alternative dispute resolution (mediation and conciliation);
• International Commercial Arbitration and arbitration proceedings;
• Disputes on real estate;
• Commercial disputes arising in the course of economic activity;
• Antimonopoly litigation;
• Corporate disputes, disputes on the violated rights of participants and shareholders of companies; appeals of the decisions of general meetings of members and shareholders of companies;
• Disputes on intellectual property rights;
• Disputes on the protection of business reputation;
• Tax litigation;
• Insurance disputes;
• Customs disputes;
• Administrative disputes;
• Labor disputes;
• Disputes with consumers.