Criminal and administrative practice


Administrative practice

Administrative practice of “Solution” Law Office basically consists of representing of the interests of participants of foreign economic activity on the cases of administrative violations in the customs field.

The most common cases are the cases of illegal transfer across the customs border of the Customs Union of the goods and (or) international carriage vehicles Art.16.1 of the Administrative Offence Code of the Russian Federation, and the cases of false declaration of goods.

Also recently customs authorities increasingly prosecute on Аrt.14.10 of the Administrative Offence Code of the Russian Federation "Illegal use of a trademark, service mark, a name of place of origin or similar designations for homogeneous goods."

In providing of legal assistance in cases of administrative violations of the customs legislation it is important to understand that there is often a very subtle borderline between the administrative and criminal liability. Experience in providing of legal assistance on criminal matters would prevent the transition from the area of administrative offense to the area of criminal offense.

 “Solution” Law Office provides legal assistance on any other cases of administrative offenses, including cases on regulation of alcoholic beverages turnover, in the field of advertising, in the field of land relations, matters of business.

Criminal Practice

Criminal practice of “Solution” Law Office extends to the provision of legal aid to suspects and accused of committing crimes in the sphere of economic activity, including the evasion of customs duties, tax evasion, and (or) fees, etc.

Frequently the law permits to initiate criminal proceedings on formal grounds, often farfetched. The use of such opportunities in unfair competition or as means of hostile takeover or a way of taking possession of someone else's property, for example, legally imported merchandise, is widely spread.

Involvement in the orbit of a criminal case, even as a witness, carries a latent threat, as any information gathered during the investigation of a criminal case, may later be later used against the witness. It is not uncommon, when the witness became the accused.

In this connection we highly recommend giving serious consideration to any actions undertaken as part of a criminal case, remain calm and do not panic, do not take any action without first consulting a lawyer.

Do not try to protect yourself, contact a lawyer - it is a good practice!

Specialists of “Solution” Law Office are ready to respond quickly and provide legal assistance in criminal matters of any complexity.